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07 Nov

A Big “Thank You” to Our Veterans

Let’s all take a moment to stop, reflect and thank Veterans for their contribution to our lives. Servicemen and Servicewomen have given so much to our country. Their personal sacrifices, and those of their families, have allowed us to live in a free society and do the important work that we do.

Speaking of work, the Veterans make our workplaces and organizations stronger. They bring a unique sense of service and commitment to a job well done, providing needed skills and expertise. “After the Military I always wanted to put my experiences and skills to the test in the civilian small business environment,” says John Garrison, a First Impression staff member with 32 years in the US Army, “my values were developed by the impact my parents had on me and the U.S. Army enhanced those values. Now I live under the 7 Army Values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage”.

Another First Impression Ironworks employee, Jesse Hinkley, earned a Purple Heart after enlisting in the Marines post 9/11.  “Being part of the Marines taught me a discipline and value for the welfare of others that has shifted into my trade in civilian life”, said Jesse.

We would like to honor and thank each of the Military Veterans here at First Impression Ironworks:

  • Tim Killebrew, Utilities & Training Manager, US Marines Retired
  • John Garrison, Associate Director of Field Engineering, US Army Retired
  • Brad Walter, Technician, US Army
  • Nate Jump, Machine Shop Foreman, US Navy
  • Jesse Hinkley, Fabricator, US Marines Purple Heart
  • Terence Maconnell, Advanced Fabricator, US Navy
  • Timothy Arthur, Engineer, US Marines
  • Michael Cordes, Design Sales Consultant, US Army Honorable Medical Discharge
  • Thom Boyles (FAB) – US Marines
  • John Cordry (Logistics) – US Army

The contributions that these staff members bring to our team here at First Impression Ironworks are wide-ranging. Veterans are trained to accept and execute responsibility for resources, tasks and their own behavior. These skills can partially be summed up here by the 8 Skills Military Veterans Bring to the Workplace

Few groups among us deserve our recognition, respect and gratitude more than the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. military. If you are wondering what you can do to show appreciation this Veterans Day (or any other day), here are 9 Ways to Honor Those Who Have Served this Veterans Day.

“Working for an American company, like First Impression Ironworks, each day validates that the sacrifices that were made to keep this country secure are worth it”

– John Garrison, Associate Director of Field Engineering

Logo Saying - Proudly Made In The USA

One of the ways we honor the Veterans’ values her at FII is our commitment to 100% American made products. If you are interested in knowing more about the impact of buying American Made products, we found 10 reasons here. You can also check out our blog about the benefits of going with 100% American made steel products here.

I believe that American manufacturing strengthens our country by providing jobs and creating quality products.”

– Tim Killebrew, Utilities & Training Manager

First Impression Ironworks is America’s #1 designer, manufacturer and installer of custom Iron Security DoorsIron Entry Doors, and Iron & Wood Gates. As Arizona’s largest custom ironworks company, we maintain our commitment to use only 100% American Made Steel Products.