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29 May

Reasons to Love Your Sunscreens

It’s summertime and the temperatures are soaring and nowhere is that more evident than in the Southwest where the temperatures can routinely hit triple digits.   And when those temperatures go up, it is quite easy for your cooling bill to go through the roof.  One easy way to help cool off your home without raising […]

11 Apr

Springtime Entertaining Ideas

The long winter is over and with temperatures starting to climb again, the weather is just perfect for springtime entertaining.  Here are some tips and ideas to make your next spring party or luncheon a hit with your friends. Let the Fresh Air In.  It’s not summertime yet with the scorching heat and triple digit […]

07 Oct

Enjoy the Cooler Weather with a Security Screen Door

The fall is here and that means finally a drop in temperatures and some much needed relief from those scorching summer days.  If you are the type who enjoys throwing open the windows and doors to catch a nice cross breeze, then you might want to consider investing in a home security screen door.  This […]

27 Apr

Home Upgrades That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

  Since the collapse of the housing bubble, everyone is worrying about how to make their own home stand out from the crowd and Security doors can add curb appeal to your home.  These doors are not only able to make your home safer, they can also add a beautiful aesthetic quality to your home.  These doors […]

09 Sep

Buyers Guide to Wrought Iron or Glass Staircase Railings

If you are looking for an affordable addition to your home décor which can be both aesthetically pleasing and safety conscious, give serious consideration to the addition of a wrought iron or glass railing to your existing stairway.  Both of these options are gaining popularity over the older, standard wooden railings and are quickly making […]