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23 Apr

Save Money and Stay Cool with Solar Screens for Your Windows

Your home’s windows are actually the weakest point of your house for keeping the heat of the sun out and the cool a/c in.  Most windows allow over 50% of the sun’s energy to filter into your home and allow up to 40% of your expensive air-conditioning to escape at the same time.  Considering that […]

16 Apr

Save Money and Secure Your Home

Are you looking for a way to save up to 15% per year on your energy bill?  The average residential home electric bill is now over $3,000 per year and over one fifth of that money is used to cool and air condition your home.  Energy-conscious homeowners are always looking for ways to let the […]

28 Mar

5 Great Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Improve Your Home

We hope that you are one of the lucky people, one of tens of millions of people who will receive a federal tax refund this year.  The IRS is already quickly sending out checks that average $3,000 or more nationally.  Tax season can also be a great time for making home improvements before the heat […]

13 Mar

Tips For Enjoying Spring Weather Safely In Your Home

This winter has been unusually warm for most parts of our country – with the highest average temperatures in 10 years. Aided by those warmer temps, the spring season is quickly approaching with more moderate weather, cool breezes, and sunshine. For many, it’s almost time to turn off the heater and open the windows and […]

22 Dec

Custom Designs and First Impressions

Welcome to the brand new First Impression Security Doors blog. We are excited to begin a discussion about home security, doors, gates, and more. While we offer many different types of products to improve the look and security of your home, this blog will not just focus on what we offer. We want to start […]