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3 Reasons to beware of Iron Doors and Gates that come from China instead of the U.S.A.

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Your Arizona home is a reflection of your own unique approach to your family’s lifestyle. A custom made iron door or gate for your property will add value and elegance to your home immediately. Be sure to choose American-made products!

A lot of local companies that will sell you an iron door or gate will say they are “Locally Designed” or “Installed by Local Experts”. Here’s what they may not say: “100% American Made Steel”.  You should ask  “Where will my Door or Gate be made?” Also, ask specifically about the materials? For example, steel that is made right here in the USA is far superior to that made in China. Make sure you’re getting not only a ‘locally’ designed door or gate, but that it’s not being ordered from a factory in China.

Why is this important? A local company may pay far less to have their Doors and Gates made in China rather than in the U.S.A.  Do you really want the lowest bidding factory in China making a door or gate  for your Arizona home? The truth is, there are almost no safety or quality controls in Chinese factories. It’s very unlikely that any Door or Gate made in China will meet the health, safety and quality standards meant to protect you and your family.

Here’s something else to watch out for: Many Iron Door and Gate companies in Arizona do NOT have a lengthy track record. The reason? Production problems, delays in getting doors and gates delivered on time, and low product quality are typical for Iron Doors and Gates coming from China. What happens then is the predictable Social Media uproar and bad reviews for that local company. They then go out of business, look for another Chinese factory supplier, and start selling under another name right here in Arizona. Be very suspicious of any warranty from a company that makes their products in China. 

First Impression Ironworks is America’s #1 designer, manufacturer and installer of custom Iron Security Doors, Iron Entry Doors, and Iron & Wood Gates. We’ve been Arizona’s largest custom ironworks company for over 25 years. Our commitment to you is that we build and install only 100% American Made Steel Products. We are, in fact, the industry leading ornamental iron manufacturer and custom iron door manufacturer in the U.S. We’re headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona.

  • First Impression Ironworks has been building custom iron Entry Doors, Security Doors and Iron & Wood Gates right here in Gilbert, Arizona since 1995.  Your Iron Door or Gate will be a 100% American Made Steel product, custom built to order by First Impression Ironworks employees. We NEVER outsource the design or fabrication of your Iron Door or Gate. Each one is locally manufactured in our own Arizona facility to the highest quality standards in the industry.

  • Yes.  First Impression Ironworks is licensed, bonded and insured.  We are registered with Arizona Registrar of Contractors here in Arizona under ROC #s 318584 and 318583. This allows us to safely and professionally manufacture and install your custom iron product. Any Company that doesn’t proudly display and share their license information with you may have something to hide in terms of shoddy materials, workmanship or warranty coverage.

  • First Impression has conveniently located showrooms and Resource Centers throughout Arizona. Please click here for all the details about visiting any of our locations, as well as to tour our manufacturing campus in Gilbert, AZ.  We’re quite proud of our showroom and our people, and we feel you can quickly learn a lot about our business by visiting one of our locations. Feel free to talk with our designers and our Customer Care staff to get a feel for how we treat our Homeowner Customers.

  • All of our Iron Products for your home are custom built to the exact specifications to fit your home’s style and budget.  The price will be based on your individual design selection and the dimensions necessary to fit your home.  Of course, you are entitled to a Free Design Consultation and quote in the privacy of your home with one of our Design Experts.  Please contact 480-588-4811 to schedule your Free In-Home Estimate.

  • Yes. With First Impression Ironworks, your Design Consultation is always FREE. Your Delivery is always FREE. Your Installation by our certified ironworks specialist is FREE.

  • Yes, for detailed information about our currently available special offers and to activate your Promo Codes, please visit our Promo Codes page here

  • Aluminum is a very light weight and flexible metal, not commonly known for its strength or for its durability.  Hands down, steel is significantly stronger, providing a more long-lasting product over time but also delivering much more safety and security for you and your family. All First Impression Ironworks Custom Iron Products are 100% American Made Steel products. Our 14-gauge steel (thicker than the 16-gauge variety that’s common among our competitors) plus First Impression’s Standard 2” and  3” steel frames provide a much better value in adding beauty and security to your Arizona home.

  • Yes. First Impression’s Ironclad Warranty and Care Protection Plan is included with every purchase. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the structural integrity of our product’s hand-crafted welds and to the installation services provided by First Impression at the time of installation to ensure years of enjoyment for your investment. We’ve been serving Arizona homeowners with Custom Iron Products for over 25 years, so we take seriously our commitment to First Class Products, Care, and Service. We stand behind our products.




  • Powder coating, when applied to steel, provides a durable, high quality, long-lasting finish. We actually baked this finish on to the steel’s surface in a 400 degree oven, offering superior protection and longevity compared to simply applying a coat of paint. Paint will look unsightly with likely bondo additives and also have a tendency to chip, peel, crack in very short order when exposed to the Arizona high temperatures and high wind environments. First Impression has a full service powder coating facility on our site, ensuring all of our products receive the highest quality finish in a timely fashion.

  • Your Security Doors or Iron and Wood Gate will typically be installed within 3-4 weeks from time of your order.  Iron Entry Doors are generally installed 4-6 weeks after approval of your CAD design. Of course, these times may adjust up or down depending on seasonal and environmental factors. Lead time is dependent on product and season. We are able to accommodate our Customers with a ‘Quick Ship’ or ‘Rush’ program in as little as 5 days for selected products. Please ask you First Impression Designer for details.

  • At First Impression Ironworks, we literally control the whole process from end to end, since we design, build and install your Iron Doors and Gates ourselves.  You are never caught between who built your product, who installed your product, and who is going to service your product…it’s one call!  Please contact our Customer Care staff 24/7at 800-731-1104.

  • Iron Doors and Gates are naturally exposed to the harsh sun, wind and moisture from the Arizona desert. At the same time, the locks, hinges and other components of your Doors and Gates will be subject to wear and tear from normal use over the years. Taking care of your Iron Doors and Gates is really very easy, so we recommend that you refer to the Care and Maintenance Checklist that our Customer Care provides each and every one of our homeowner Customers.