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23 Sep

Beware of Iron Doors and Gates That Come From China Instead of the U.S.A.

3 Reasons to Avoid Companies That Sell Chinese Made Products

So you’re in the market for an iron door or gate that you want made for your Arizona home. You do the smart thing, and you begin to research – probably on the Internet – for the right company to work with. 

Chinese Doors – Examples of Failures

  1. Be very careful when you hear the terms “Locally Designed” or “Installed by Local Experts” in the absence of the phrase “100% American Made Steel Products”.  A lot of companies conveniently leave out that one important criteria in their marketing: Where will your Door or Gate actually be made, and with what kind of material? American made steel products are far superior to those made in China. With many local ironworks companies, they have a salesperson help you ‘locally’ design your door or gate, but then it’s simply ordered from a factory in China.
  2. It may cost a local company less money to have your iron door or gate made in China vs. the U.S.A.  But do you really want the lowest bidding Chinese factory making products for your Arizona home that are meant to add beauty and value to it? There are almost no verifiable safety or quality controls in Chinese factories that use Chinese steel in making their products. It’s very unlikely, when your door or gate is made in China, they will meet the health, safety and quality standards meant to protect American consumers.
  3. You might notice that iron door and gate companies tend to come and go in Arizona. The reason? Production glitches, delivery delays and product quality are the norm for iron doors and gates coming from overseas. This typically brings on a social media and PR nightmare for the local selling company. What do they ultimately do? They often go out of business, switch from one foreign factory supplier to another, and then start locally selling again right here in Arizona under another name. So beware of any warranty from a company that makes their products in China.

First Impression Ironworks – 100% American Made Steel Products in Gilbert, Arizona

First Impression Ironworks is America’s #1 designer, manufacturer and installer of custom Iron Security Doors, Iron Entry Doors, and Iron & Wood Gates. As Arizona’s largest custom ironworks company, we maintain our commitment to use only 100% American Made Steel Products. We are, in fact, the industry leading ornamental iron manufacturer and custom iron door manufacturer in the U.S. We’re headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona.