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04 Sep

5 Healthy Home Hacks to Ensure Your Home Stays Safe

While we are spending an increased amount of time at home, it is important now more than ever to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment.

According to the City of Phoenix Health, Safety and Home Maintenance Guide, “Evidence shows, a well-maintained home that is kept dry, pest free, clean, well ventilated, and in good repair contributes to good health and a safer environment for the entire family.”

Here are 5 “Healthy Home Principles” and how it might apply to your home:

Keep it dry.  A damp home provides a nurturing environment for mold, mites, roaches and rodents, so it’s important to dry wet areas in your home immediately. A leaky pipe, a damp basement and even a spill on your carpet needs to be dried thoroughly and as quickly as possible (within 24 hours). Also make sure you don’t leave wet clothing or bath towels out for too long. It is very difficult to completely clean material that has been compromised by mold. Getting into the habit of cleaning and drying the surfaces in your bathroom and other moist areas is a great way to keep your home clean and free of mold and mildew. More specifically, Better Homes & Gardens has more specific ways to keep mold at bay here.

List of tips to help prevent mold

Keep it clean. Cleaning your home on a regular basis controls the source of dust and contaminants. A clean home reduces pest infestation and other infectious agents from entering into your home. Reducing clutter including objects left on the floor also provides a healthier and safer environment for your family.

Keep it updated. Fire safety and prevention are life saving measures. Always keep ALL smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in good working order and keep fire extinguishers on hand. Also, having walkways and entryways clear of big items and debris will provide easy and safe exit in case of emergency. We found these 4 safety tips to preventing a house fire on Safewise helpful.

finger pressing the button on a smoke detector to test that it is working properly

Keep it fresh. Studies show that increasing fresh air supply in a home reduces the concentration of contaminants and mold while improving respiratory health for the entire family. So install an Iron Security Door so you can let that fresh air in, but do so safely! We also suggest introducing some houseplants into your home. Live plants can help remove volatile organic compounds including formaldehyde, paint, and benzene (a byproduct of chemical based-cleaners). Click here for 5 houseplants to improve indoor air quality.

Keep it sealed. All pests look for food, water and shelter. We know it’s hard to notice these guys until they’re swarming that half-eaten box of cereal. The best way to take action is to be proactive! Seal cracks and openings throughout your home, store food in pest-resistant containers and if needed, use sticky-traps and baits in areas not accessible to children or pets. For more tips on pest prevention, click here.

brown mouse eating a peanut

“…it can be easy to forget that we still live among potential safety hazards.” –

Keeping home safety in the forefront of your mind will allow you to rest assured that all are protected within the confines of your home.

Installing an Iron Entry Door or Iron Security Door from First Impression Ironworks is not only a great way to help “keep it fresh” but also a fantastic way to “keep it sealed” and keep it safe!  An iron door will add beauty, value, and an extra level of security.  This will enhance and protect your investment…as well as your family.

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