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15 Jan

10 Beautiful Pieces of Custom Iron Artwork That Make an Impression

There is ironwork and there is First Impression custom ironwork. Until you have really seen and felt the First Impression difference, you may never truly appreciate the beauty and quality of a custom piece, made to order, from scratch, each and every time, reflecting the buyer’s personal style and taste. With the real estate market […]

15 Mar

Custom Iron Art & Accessories – Going Beyond Doors & Gates

Iron artwork has long been found in gates and security doors where the beauty of the artisan’s work can be seen throughout the neighborhood. But it can also be seen inside the home in a variety of artistic pieces that can add beauty, aesthetic value, and, in some cases, property value to your home. Perhaps […]

11 Dec

Top 5 Home Decor Areas to Prepare for Holidays

During the holidays, numerous homeowners seek to make their properties look more festive and attractive by strategically placing Christmas decor throughout. When performed with a measure of tasteful reservation, this can create a sense of holiday spirit while adding a touch of warmth. That said, when they are overdone, holiday decorations can be overwhelming or […]

03 Dec

Top Home Holiday Decor Tips

During the holidays everyone’s time is a commodity in short supply. It seems everywhere you look people are rushing around and few of us have the time for the extra effort it takes to decorate our homes for the holidays. To that end, here are a few useful home decor and holiday decorating tips we […]

20 Aug

SPOTLIGHT: Meet Mike Bien, Iron Railing Specialist

When you think of a security company like First Impression Security Doors, probably the last thing you think about is the fact that they produce works of ornamental iron art.  But Field Operations Director Mike Bien has been doing just that for his almost eight year duration at First Impression. Since he was a teenager, […]