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02 Sep

Did You Know We Ship?

Our newsletter goes out to thousands of subscribers who found us through trade shows, home expos, our website, walking through one of our showrooms or after hearing about us from a neighbor, family member or friend.  Some of our newsletter recipients have been getting our newsletter for years and then suddenly will send us an […]

19 Dec

Customer Experience: Installation

One aspect customers dread when making a large purchase is the mystery of what the process will hold for them.  They aren’t sure exactly what type of a commitment the actual purchase involves which provides some anxiety on their part.  That’s why we are back with another installment of our blog series to help demystify […]

20 Oct

Your Guide to Purchasing a Quality Security Screen Door

Security is a big issue for many homeowners.  With the current climate of break-ins and home invasions, any added security to deter the criminals is a welcome addition.  One of those additions is a security screen door.  Here are some tips on what to look for when buying such a door. Be sure of your […]