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27 May

We Make Sun Screens!

Did you know that First Impression also makes and installs solar screens, commonly known as window sun screens? With the weather heating up, installing sun screens on all of your windows will significantly reduce your cooling costs in the hot summer months by 20 – 30% or more! You can even get a rebate from […]

15 May

National Home Improvement Month is in May!

For most of the country, May is one of the best times of the year for projects. For us in Arizona, we like to get started on those home improvement projects before our belting hot summers relegate us only to places where we there is air conditioning! So it’s only fitting that in 2002, Congress […]

14 May

It’s Time to Enjoy the Cool Temperatures in Style and Safety

The dog days of summer are now over and people are starting to enjoy the respite from the unrelenting summer heat.  After a record breaking year of summer temperatures, it’s nice to be able to turn off the air conditioning, open up the door, and enjoy a breeze wafting through the house.  But when it […]