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18 Mar


When you hear the word “seal”, security doors are not necessarily the first thing that come to mind. But we are not talking about those cute little snow dwellers, we are referring to the weather stripping that comes standard on all of our doors. What you might not know is that all weather stripping is […]

25 Apr

Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance Ideas

  Spring is here and everyone is looking forward to dusting off the cobwebs and giving the corners and nooks of the house a good, thorough cleaning.  It’s time to clear out all of the old clothes and toys and other things that accumulate over time.  But it’s also important that you spend some time […]

27 Mar

Glass Panel Railing – a Barrier that Doesn’t Disturb Your View

One of the more innovative railing designs that you can choose for your stairway, fence, or balcony has got to be the glass panel railing.  This specialized railing stands in stark contrast to wooden or iron railings and can be an unusual and attention-grabbing addition to any home or work-place.  But what, specifically, are the […]

09 Sep

Buyers Guide to Wrought Iron or Glass Staircase Railings

If you are looking for an affordable addition to your home décor which can be both aesthetically pleasing and safety conscious, give serious consideration to the addition of a wrought iron or glass railing to your existing stairway.  Both of these options are gaining popularity over the older, standard wooden railings and are quickly making […]