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22 May

5 Ways an Iron Door Helps to Manage Your Energy Bill

So, your front door probably takes quite a beating from the elements: intense sun, gale-force winds, sand and cold make up the seasons in our Arizona environment.  Plus, if your door is several years old, it may is look a little outdated. Ready to treat yourself to an upgrade? Now what?  You have a lot of door choices, so what kind of door will bring in the most curb appeal and the highest increase value to your property?  The answer is: An Iron Door! An iron door will typically return about 101% at resale, but also saves you money by reducing your home energy bill.

Here are 5 ways that an Iron Doors will conserve energy in your home:

Iron Doors Reduce the Amount of Heat and Cold That Gets Into Your House

wood thermometer showing hot temperature
Hot temperatures can carry into your home

Using the finest American sourced steel, our Iron Doors keep seasonal heat and cold out. By preventing the sweltering summer heat from finding its way through your doors and unnecessarily warming up your home, wrought iron doors will help you save money. Ultimately, you won’t have to crank up the air conditioning as your home will naturally feel cooler, and your electric bills will diminish as a result.

Iron Doors with the Proper Seal will Prevent Drafts and Air Leakage into Your Home

old wood doors without proper sealing let heat through
Weather stripping is important for home temperature control

Using quality weather-stripping prevents hot Arizona air from leaking into your home, so you’ll be able to make the most of energy-efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, residential spaces lose approximately 30% of their energy through inefficient spaces and gaps.

Iron Doors with Window Inserts Allow Light to Pour Through into Your Home

First Impression Ironworks Entry Door with Glass Windows and a Glass Transom Above
Allow the light in without losing your heated or cooled air inside your home

So now we know that Iron Doors will keep out unwarranted heat and cold. But let’s not forget to mention what they let in: light! With our high-quality glass pane inserts, our Iron Doors allow natural light to shine in. While the light flowing in won’t increase the temperature in your home, it will let in a stunning vibrancy that makes you feel refreshed and uplifted and keeps you from flipping on your light switches so often, hence the energy savings.

Iron Doors with Mesh Guard Inserts Enhance Circulation

First Impression Ironworks Iron Door with Glass Panel that Swings Open to Allow Air Circulation from Outside
Improve air circulation with our Mesh Guards

When our Iron Doors are closed, they keep unwanted air-flow out. However, what about when your home is a little stuffy and you need to circulate some air? Our mesh guard insert option allows you to open your door or glass to naturally enhance circulation without letting the bugs in. By serving as a window within a door, our mesh guard inserts allow timely circulation. Over time, you’ll be able to make the most of the accessibility by cracking the door open to let in a fresh breeze in the spring or even during monsoon season and enjoy smell of the rain!

Iron Doors Help Keep your Home Interior Quieter

woman sleeping soundly
Dampen the noise outside your home with a First Impression Ironworks Iron Entry Door

Do you work from home? Live on a noisy street? Have little children who need to nap? Or better yet, do you like quiet midday naps yourself? If you’re someone who needs a little peace and quiet, an Iron Door can help reduce the transfer of distracting sounds from the outside to the inside. So how does this conserve energy? Well, in this case, you get to conserve a bit of your own personal energy that it often takes to hear or be heard over the noises coming into your home from the outside.

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