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05 Aug

All About Gates

When you think about a gate, your first priority is usually functionality. It’s normally to keep someone or something in or out. Side gates, RV gates, gates on arches, backyard gates, tall gates or short gates, whatever the type of gate you need, First Impression has seen it and probably made one just like it. Don’t take our word for it, our picture catalog speaks a thousand words, and you can take a look at some of the gates we have made in just about every size and shape!

At First Impression, our priority is security, so every gate we make is not only beautiful, it’s built with safety in mind. Each gate is made out of 16 gauge heavy steel with optional redwood, cedar or composite wood inserts. They are installed with one way security lag screws and hidden vault pins both of which vastly improve security. If you are building a gate to keep unwanted people out, it ought to be as secure as possible so we do everything possible to ensure a safe entryway. In addition a gate has been shown to be the second most cost effective property improvement for return on investment you can make! Beauty, security and investment, all in one sturdy package!

Security aside, our gates can be fabricated as simple or ornate as you desire. We can make matching railings, add sidelights, transoms and custom artwork to make your gate a truly unique conversation piece. You can choose from hundreds of custom designs or create one of your own.

So what are some of things you should look for when choosing a gate?


How much maintenance a gate requires depends on the materials it’s made from.

Iron – simply wipe down with a sponge and dishwasher detergent solution when needed and dry off with a damp towel. Simple!

Redwood – once a year, it should be lightly sanded and resealed or stained to protect the wood.

Composite wood – once a year, wipe down with soap and water, and dry off with a towel.

Hardware – such as hinges, slidebolts and locks should be lubricated every 4 months with silicone spray. Glass inserts can be cleaned with a good quality glass cleaner without abrasives and a squeegee or newspapers.

Most gates require very little to no maintenance and should provide beauty and security for years to come.


Ensure that wood, iron and powder coating used is made for the climate you live in. A gate should be free of rust spots, cracks in the finish and warps in the wood. Some deterioration in the wood finish is natural over time, but it should be able to withstand all seasons as long as a maintenance plan is followed.

Ease of operation:

A gate should be easy to open, with a smooth open arc and closing mechanism. It should not rattle or make any squeaking noises. It should close on its own and without unnecessary force.


A gate should fit in with its surroundings, but also provide an attractive focal point that will not be an eyesore. We have all seen gates that look like prison doors or wood with rust marks down the length of them. A replacement gate should enhance the look of your property without making it look like a jail.

A First Impression gate does all this and more. Give us a call today for your free, no obligation estimate!