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16 Feb

Celebrating Leading Ladies: Women in Manufacturing Tour First Impression Campus

At First Impression Ironworks, January marked an exciting milestone as we opened our doors for a pop-up facility tour, in collaboration with the esteemed Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Association chapter here in Arizona. It was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the incredible leaders, all women, who drive innovation and excellence across our industry.

Picture this: laughter echoing through the halls, vibrant conversations buzzing around, and the clinking of metal as we showcased our leading ladies from every corner of our operations, from fabrication, welding, and engineering to sales and customer care. It was a true testament to the diversity and talent within our team.

So, who exactly are the Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM)? Over the past decade, WiM has emerged as the beacon of support for women carving their paths in the manufacturing sector. With over 24,000 members hailing from 2,800 manufacturing companies across 50 states and 50 countries, WiM’s reach knows no bounds.

From the shop floor to the boardroom, WiM welcomes individuals from all walks of life, recognizing that diversity is the cornerstone of innovation. Membership isn’t just limited to women; it’s open to anyone passionate about championing gender equality in manufacturing. Their mission to support, promote, and inspire women in manufacturing careers resonates deeply with us at First Impression Ironworks. Through their invaluable resources and unwavering commitment, WiM empowers women to thrive in an industry that’s historically been male dominated.

During our tour, attendees embarked on a journey through our facility, starting at the showroom and venturing behind the scenes, through the production floor and our engineering department, to witness the magic of creating custom iron products. From the initial design sketches to the meticulous fabrication process, our experts shared insights and stories that left our guests in awe.

But beyond the machinery and tools, what truly shone during the tour was the sense of camaraderie and passion shared among our team members. It was a reminder that behind every product we craft, there’s a dedicated group of individuals pouring their hearts into their work.

As we reflect on the success of our first pop-up tour, we’re filled with gratitude for WiM and all the women who continue to break barriers and inspire us every day. Together, we’re not just shaping metal; we’re shaping the future of manufacturing—one empowered woman at a time.

Until next time, keep dreaming, creating, and celebrating the extraordinary women in manufacturing!

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