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18 Jun

Custom Made French Door Security Screens


When it comes to putting up a door for a home, many people may think that any old door will do.  But not all doors are created equally.  And not just any old door can give you the value and added curb appeal that a custom-made French door security screen can offer.  The doors are not only practical and offer safety and security, but they are also unique and beautiful adding an aesthetic charm to any home.

The beauty of French doors is multi-faceted.  First, the fact that there are two doors in the frame provides extra space to showcase your own unique style.  Custom door designers are artisans and the extra space provides more of a canvas to work.  Many of these designs can include a contemporary, traditional, or even Victorian feel as evidenced by the following samples:

In addition to the gorgeous customization and intricacies of the metal-work, the expansiveness of the doors make for a grand entrance to any home and for any homeowner who is looking to make a bold statement.

One of the most often overlooked benefits of French doors is the practical, cost-effective side of them.  In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save only daily costs.  French doors that feature glass panels can allow natural light to pass into the home.  This can cut down on the need for light and heat saving homeowners on their power bill in the long run.

Perhaps one of the greatest concerns about adding a French door to a home is the fear over sacrificing beauty for security.  But that does not have to happen.  These doors do not have to look like an iron gate in a medieval castle.  But they can provide a substantial level of security for your home.  A French door security screen allows the homeowner to open the door up while still providing not only the glass but also the grill-work as a layer of defense against criminals.  When the door is closed, there is a dual layer of protection with both the door and the grill keeping out would-be intruders.

Finally, these French doors can provide your home with a unique piece of legitimate art that can express your individual style.  These doors can be etched with images of flowers and leaves, palm trees, or even family pets.  Whatever choice you make, these doors will make a beautiful addition which will make your home more secure.