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11 Nov

Customer Experience: What Happens After You Place an Order?

In our last installment where we focused on the client experience at First Impression, we told you about coming into our showroom and what you can expect.  This time we’d like to share with you about what happens after you decide to work with us and purchase an iron product such as a stair railing or a security door for your home.

Imagine that you have come into one of First Impression’s fantastic and well-stocked showrooms to order a security screen door.  After placing the signed order with deposit through the sales team, the next step is for the order to go to the manufacturing division of the company.  First Impression already has hundreds of gorgeous designs from many years of working with clients in this field; however, our company can also design a custom door just for you.  If the order is for a completely unique design, then the CAD department takes the orders and constructs plans based on the preferences and specifications of the client  (Designs already in our library only require the CAD department to print out the plans for the manufacturing department).

The next step on your door’s path to being built is for the manufacturing department to take the design and create it from raw materials in our workshop.  Our iron artists begin cutting, grinding, welding, and bending the design by hand or by machine.  Every door is truly a custom design.  Once the design has been quality tested, it is then ready for the powder coating process.  An important step happens before the powder coating where the product is put into a high-pressure phosphate wash system in order to prepare the screen door for its powder coat finish.  Once the powder coating is completed in our manufacturing facility another quality test is performed to ensure that you get the best door to secure your home.

It may seem like a lot of steps (and in many ways it really is) but the client does not see this as a lengthy process because First Impression has a great team of players that all work seamlessly together no matter what department they are in with only one goal in mind:  crafting the finest security door for our clients.  Before everything is complete, one of our consultants contacts the client to coordinate an installation time.   This will be the focus of our next installment on the client experience so please be on the look out for our upcoming piece on the installation process