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02 Sep

Did You Know We Ship?

Our newsletter goes out to thousands of subscribers who found us through trade shows, home expos, our website, walking through one of our showrooms or after hearing about us from a neighbor, family member or friend.  Some of our newsletter recipients have been getting our newsletter for years and then suddenly will send us an unsubscribe message informing us that they have moved away or don’t live close enough to any of our showrooms. Some may have subscribed due to a flier arriving in the mail in states like Texas and California only to find out that we are miles away in Arizona.  What these customers might have missed is that we ship! And since they are out of state, they don’t have to pay sales tax which can offset most or all of the shipping costs! It’s a win/win.

In addition to shipping, we have partnered with specialists around the country who can perform the installation as if our technicians were there themselves.  Our website showcases hundreds of prior designs and we will work with you to ensure that the design meets your exact specifications no matter where you are located in the country.

So how does it work? The first thing we ask out of state customers to do is measure the opening of the place where your door or gate will be installed. We walk you through this process step by step on the phone.  You can also send us a digital picture of your opening especially if it’s an odd shape or difficult to measure, which helps us to describe exactly how to take the measurements.

Then, one of our certified design specialists will guide you through the design process, giving you ideas, tips and solutions, and then will create design sketches to help you make your decision.  After the design has been finalized and an estimate given, you will receive accurate, to scale drawings in the mail or by email which you will approve and request any last minute changes to.

Finally, we fabricate your door in our Arizona facility, do a final quality control check and carefully package the door for shipment through our preferred providers.

Upon arrival at your location, you can then inspect the door to ensure that it meets with your approval and we will help you get it installed through a certified Angie’s List expert, or you can use our detailed instructions on how to install it yourself.

So being out of state is no reason not to be able to experience the First Impression difference – we ship anywhere!