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04 May

Enjoy the Cooler Weather With a Security Screen Door

There’s nothing like a little fresh air to start or finish your day off on the right foot, and as the seasons start to change and the cooler temps prevail, now’s the time to make it happen. Sure, you can open a window, but you run the risk of buzzing flies, other pests and even potential intruders making their way into your home. Arguably the best way to enjoy the transition into Fall and the favorable weather that comes with it is to install a security screen door, which not only allows fresh air to enter your home, but it does so without sacrificing safety. Steel security screen doors are basically regular steel doors with screens that cover the front, but they otherwise function and protect you in the same manner a model without a screen would.

The First Impression Ironworks Difference

At First Impression Ironworks, functional, fashionable security screen doors are our bread and butter, and we’ve worked tirelessly for more than 21 years to perfect our products. Our entire line of Signature Security Screen Doors are at least 25-percent stronger, thicker and more secure than those available through other steel door manufacturers, and when it comes to aluminum models, there’s simply no comparison, as these doors offer only minimal strength and security.

facade of a home with antique french iron entry doors

Enhanced Security

Our security screen doors also come standard with premium-quality Textilene screens, which are fade-resistant, eco-friendly and great at guarding against bugs and other pests. Security screen doors are also available with double-cylinder locks, meaning they require a key both inside and out, which prevents anyone from entering your home, even if they go so far as to try and cut the screen itself.

Improved Air Quality

So, they’re inherently safe by design, and they also allow for fresh air inside – and that means improved air quality and circulation for you and anyone who enters your home. Everyone can benefit from improved air quality, and from providing a healthy, happy place your family can call home—without sacrificing security.

Remember, your home is your respite from the rest of the world, and it ought to be a place you can relax, feel safe and breathe easier.