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First Impression has always been an innovator in security doors and gates, always staying on the cutting edge of new designs, materials, and styles.  That is why they are so happy to introduce their new line of High Definition (HD) designs.  This new process of door designs will allow another option for customers who are trying to get a special look for their security door.

  • What is the difference between a hand forged security door and the new HD designs?  Previously, most of First Impression’s security doors were crafted by iron artisans bending, welding and grinding raw material.  These styles are still available, but the HD designs give more options.  First Impression’s new high definition plasma machine cuts a design from different sizes of material.  It takes a large sheet of solid steel onto the table and then cuts out the pattern that is used for the design of the door.  The HD doors are ¼ inch thick solid steel plate with a 5/8 inch thick border.  This is higher quality than anything else that is currently found on the market for solid steel plate security door designs.
  • What designs are available?  This new process also offers flexibility as well as a new world of design options.  The new HD line also has a clean, smooth look and a more contemporary feel overall to the products.  Customers can opt for the classical styles of the Baroque  or Egyptian doors.  Those looking for something more modern can choose Isometric while those with a whimsical sense of humor may opt for one of three Phone Booth styles.  Finally, First Impression also has a variety of American Southwest themed HD designs including the American Indian Canoe , American Indian Horse , and American Coyote.
  • Where can I see the designs?  Those who are surfing the web can check out all of the designs here. If you live in Arizona, you will be able to see these new designs at area events and shows as well as in all First Impression area showrooms.

HD Design security doors are just another option from First Impression, a company that has proven itself to be an industry leader in custom designed security doors and windows.  These doors will make a great addition to any home adding safety, security, and aesthetic style and charm.