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27 Mar

Glass Panel Railing – a Barrier that Doesn’t Disturb Your View

One of the more innovative railing designs that you can choose for your stairway, fence, or balcony has got to be the glass panel railing.  This specialized railing stands in stark contrast to wooden or iron railings and can be an unusual and attention-grabbing addition to any home or work-place.  But what, specifically, are the advantages of using glass panel railings in your decorating design?

  • The biggest benefit of glass panel railing is that provides a completely unobstructed view of the outdoors.  Imagine a balcony with a complete view of your natural surroundings without the interruption of an iron rail to block some of the view.  For businesses, the glass provides an open look which invites customers in as opposed to metal railings which can subconsciously block off potential clients.  That is the type of aesthetically pleasing quality that glass panel railings can provide.  Additionally, external glass panel railings such as balconies can allow more natural light in since nothing is obstructing the view.  This, in turn, can make your interior have a more pleasant feel and can cut down on overall energy usage.
  • Glass panels also tend to give designs a more modern look to them.  Wood and iron railing seem more traditional.  Glass panels are more in keeping with modern and trendy style and design which may suit your particular style more.
  • Glass panel railings are also much easier to care for.  Instead of having to worry about oils or other treatments to protect your railing, all you have to do to clean a glass panel is grab a bottle of Windex and a rag and wipe them down.  Simplicity in design becomes coupled with simplicity in cleaning to make this a great choice for your home.
  • Finally, and this is particularly true if you are looking to install these in your business, glass panels tend to last longer because people treat them with more care.  The average person will not be that careful of an iron or wood railing figuring that it is resilient and can withstand wear and tear.  Although glass paneling is very safe and harder to crack than traditional glass, most people don’t know that and are less likely to put the same type of wear and tear on the railing, meaning that it is more likely to last you longer.  This is a subconscious element, but one that could wind up saving you in the long run.

There are literally hundreds of different styles, designs and materials available for railings.  Glass paneling is one of those that you should consider when you get ready to make your choice.  It is not a traditional selection, but it is one that is sure to please.