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25 Feb

How To Nail Your Personal Decorating Style

Are you planning a spring home refresh? Before you go and buy colorful pillows or replace ageing light fixtures, try to connect your personal style to your home. Are you traditional? Contemporary? Eclectic?

If you’re not too sure, we’re here to help you determine your personal style and match it to your home with these steps:

  • Look to your wardrobe – What you’re comfortable wearing says a lot about your style. Do you feel best when you’re wearing patterns or do you like texture better? Do you love bright colors or are you more of a neutral person? Keep that in mind when updating your home to make sure you are adding elements that you’ll never get tired of!
  • Take an online quiz – Did you ever take the quizzes at the back of your magazine as a kid? They’re fun right? There are a ton of online quizzes that are designed to help you find your decorating style. If, when taken, they end in similar results, you are definitely on the right track. Here are two to get you started from and
  • Browse magazines – The internet can be a little overwhelming. But flipping through a few home décor magazines might help narrow down your search. Tear out the photos of rooms and homes that you are most drawn to. There is no right or wrong–just tear out what you love! Once you identify what the images have in common, you’re that much closer to having that cohesive look in your home.
someone reading a magazine with coffee sitting to the side
  • Pay attention to the exterior of homes – When you drive around your neighborhood, what houses are you most attracted to? Is there a particular architectural feature that catches your eye? If you intend to update home with and iron entry door or courtyard gate, First Impression Ironwork’s expert design consultants can help guide you to narrow down your door or gate style and help you design them to fit your style and your budget.
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  • Take an inventory of your current décor – The simplest way to gauge your style is to just walk through your house and see what you have been drawn to in the past (unless you are trying to completely change things up). Check out the pieces of furniture/art/accessories you absolutely love, and then take note of the pieces you are itching to replace. This will serve as a great guide to keep you true to your style!
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Whatever decorating style you have, First Impression Ironworks has the doors (and gates) to enhance your personal taste make your home one of a kind. Give us a call at 602-345-7481 today to begin your decorating adventure.