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When was the last time you were inspired? Perhaps it was driving toward a beautiful sunset, or gazing across a mountain scene on a cloudy day. It could have been that rosy new parent glow you felt when looking at your infant child. What is it that inspires you to be creative, or energetic or romantic?

As you can imagine, our inspirations come from all over. We have doors, gates and railings in all sorts of categories. They are named for some of the things that inspired us. Our Palm Tree design was inspired by a family visit to Hawaii one year. Cactus Scene came from a desert landscape one of us noticed on our way home from work. Heisenberg was the name of a character from a popular television show. Some of our designs – the Athens, Barcelona and Tuscany, for example, are names of places we want to go someday. Actually it’s really overwhelming, sometimes, the first time you visit our site since we do have so many designs from which to choose! Where do you start?

So we decided to make it a little easier to narrow things down by creating a brand new Inspirational Photo Gallery on our new website. We have a gallery showcasing some of our prettiest product images – from security doors and entry doors, to gates, enclosures, railing and more!

There are some amazing Pinterest-worthy images in our galleries too and if you’re looking for inspiration it’s a perfect place to start your journey. Once you have taken a look there, you can then begin to drill down into the main product pages and categories to fine tune what you are looking for. Need a gate? Peruse the Curb Appeal Inspiration Gallery and check out some wood or iron options. Then decide if you want a double or single gate, whether you want iron or wood, redwood or composite wood. Head on over to the gates page and use the filters on the side to find the exact design you want! Lather, rinse and repeat with any other product you’re looking for!

It’s so easy to get inspired! So head on over and have a browse around. When you’re ready to take the next step, give us a call or start a chat with one of our Design Consultants. There is never any pressure, just plain old information to help you make the right decision.