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25 Aug

Inward or Outward? Which Way Should Your Iron Security Door Swing?

A common question about Iron Security Screen Doors is whether they should swing in or out. Ever thought about this?

Turns out, this isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. The answer has practical implications for safety, convenience, and overall home security.

Understanding the Basics

Iron security doors play a pivotal role in safeguarding your main entry door and, consequently, your home. The direction in which these doors swing can significantly impact their effectiveness. While traditional doors typically swing inward towards your home. Iron Security Doors act as a first line of defense to your home, which means they’re installed in front of your main entry door and thereby need to swing outward.

Installing an Iron Security Door that swing outward, towards the street or front yard, is designed to deter intruders and provide several key benefits:

Resistance to Forced Entry

Outward swinging doors, in general, are more challenging for potential burglars to force open than inward swinging doors. A high percentage of home invasions and burglaries begin with the intruder simply kicking in a door (inward swinging). That’s virtually impossible when the door swings outward. Outward opening Iron Security Doors are extremely heavy, making it very difficult to get through. This will deter almost all intruders and help keep your family safe.

Preventing “Prying” Attacks

By swinging outward, security doors make it harder for would-be intruders to use tools or brute force to pry open the door, as they lack leverage. First Impression our Iron Security Doors are made with 100% American-made 14-gauge steel and have welded bullet hinges. While traditional hinges are secured with bolts or screws, welded hinges are, as the name implies, installed by welding, making them virtually impossible to remove for anyone attempting a forced entry.


In cases of emergencies, such as fires or other hazards, outward swinging doors provide a safer and quicker exit from the home.

Remember, when it comes to your home’s security, making an informed decision is essential. Talking with one of our expert design consultants can help you choose the best option that fits your design needs and your budget. So in order to safeguard your family, protect your property, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, give us a call at 602-345-7481 today. Your design consultation and quote are Free, as is your eventual delivery and installation of your Iron Door or Gate.