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24 Feb

Iron Trellises: Transform A Wall From Boring to Beautiful

Have you ever noticed a section of the outside of your home and thought about what to do with a plain stucco side wall, or how to camouflage fading paint or mismatched siding?

Adding something as simple as an iron trellis will give your residential investment property an instant facelift. Besides, a trellis with growing plants can also act as an insulating blanket when positioned alongside a home.

Trellises (treillage in French) date back to ancient Rome and Greece. These open work structures provide a framework for Arizona friendly climbing plants. Bougainvillea and several species of jasmine are a couple of great climbers that not only do well in the Arizona climate, but also offer colorful flowers. Click here to check out a larger list of climbing plants that grow well in Arizona!

Trellises for your home come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Such a trellis will liven up your home’s exterior and your garden with a horizontal landscape, but it’ll also expand into its dimension – adding height and visual interest to your homes visual presentation.
Here are some tips on choosing the right trellis for your landscape.

  1. Be sure that the materials used to construct your trellis are weatherproof. A good bet for the Arizona climate is powder-coated steel.
  2. Decide if your trellis itself – not just the climbing plant that it’s going to support – is going to be a decorative feature. Decorative trellises can serve as an interesting focal point in your home or garden. You can mark an entryway into the garden using an obelisk trellis, or a grid trellis to do provide privacy, or even a fan trellis to train a vine to climb up both sides of an awkward corner wall.
  3. When choosing a trellis, remember that it’s going to hold up under the weight of plants, heavy winds, and the ravages of time. Make sure it’s solid and will stand the test of time.
    Using a trellis can be an easy and generally inexpensive way to enhance the design and beauty in your garden landscape and provide an easy way to show off your green thumb.

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