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14 Aug

Is It Time To Replace Your Wooden Gate?

Once you have installed a top of the line external door or gate on your property, you are still leaving this fixture exposed to the elements.  Extreme heat and exposure to sun can cause these items to need
maintenance, repairs, and, sometimes, outright replacement.  Here are some things to think of when considering what to do with an exterior security gate.


  • If you still have the original gate installed by the builder during a new construction, you may be surprised to learn that most of these were intended to only have a short term usage of about one year or so.  After that, you will probably start to see everything from minor discoloration to major issues with the wood and hardware.
  • If the wood surrounding the metal bolts have turned black, you have bleed marks.  These can be prevented with maintenance like sanding and sealing the wood.  Unfortunately, once the wood starts to develop these bleed marks, no amount of maintenance can get rid of them.  It is time to upgrade to a higher quality gate with better materials.
  • Another issue over time is shrinkage of the slats causing varying gaps between the wood and metal.  This is caused by warping from the sun and rain.  Not only does this not look aesthetically attractive, but it also is a security concern since you now have lost the privacy that you sought when you had the gate and fence installed in the first place.
  • Rust from the metal paint on the original fence can also create a safety concern.  Rusty gates are easy to break through since the metal is weaker than non-rusted metal.  Upgrading to a higher quality gate makes extra sense since higher grade gates are rust resistant and don’t need as much maintenance as other comparable gates.
  • Another failing area on original gates is the hardware such as hinges, latches and locks.  If these do not stay closed or keep the gate secure, they should be replaced immediately before you become an easy target for intruders.
  • Finally, the wood used on these original gates is vastly inferior to those used in high quality replacement gates.  While the original wood will fade, rot, chip, warp, and crack, First Impression gates are made from top quality woods which are both beautiful to look at, easy to maintain, and affordable.

No matter how long you have had your gate, it is time to take inventory of it and see if it is in need of replacement.  For the beauty of your home and property and the security of those inside, this first line of defense needs to be maintained and replaced when necessary and First Impression is here to help look at the needs of your property in this area.