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30 Jun

June is National Home Safety Month

Do you have what it takes to stay safe around your home? That’s a question that seems easy to answer, but for many of our customers who are security conscious, there is always more you could be doing. The National Safety Council sponsors National Safety Month each June which helps raise awareness about important home and work safety issues such as:

· Preventing injury

· Transportation safety

· Ergonomics

So how does this impact you? Well, considering that injuries are the leading cause of death in Americans under the age of 45 impacting 1 person every 3 minutes, there are many things anyone can do to reduce and eliminate risk.

Slips, trips and falls

There were an estimated 31 million ER visits in 2013 resulting from an injury, many of these attributable to slips, trips and falls. Common causes of slips include walking on a wet or oily surface, tripping on loose rugs, and weather related falls. Be sure that you:

· Secure all rugs with non slip backing

· Clean up spills immediately, and mark those that you are unable to get to right away.

· Declutter walkways and keep them free of debris, trash, toys and other hazards.

· Keep areas well lit, and replace light bulbs and faulty switches as soon as possible.

Additionally, prevent falls from windows, stairs and balconies by installing window guards, railings and gates, and keeping small children away from these hazardous areas.

Safe driving

17% of car crashes which caused human injury were causes by distracted driving. We have all heard the stories of people killed or injured by someone driving a car while texting, but there are many other ways to be distracted while operating a vehicle:

· Eating food

· Talking on the phone

· Operating the radio or disk player

· Dealing with children or animals

Also, when driving your car with children and animals, always ensure that you know the proper car seat laws for your state and comply with those to keep your children safe. Additionally restrain animals with pet harnesses. In the event of even a fender bender, a loose animal can fly around inside the vehicle causing a dangerous hazard in and of itself, let alone risk injuring your pet.


Incorrectly lifting heavy objects can cause serious bodily injuries such as sprains, muscle tears and dislocations. Remember to:

· Lift with your legs, bend your knees and keep your back straight. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and never twist or bend your back.

· Keep the object close to your body

· Limit the weight – make two trips if necessary or ask for help.

Additionally, if you will be sitting for long periods of time at a desk or workstation, ensure that your chair has proper support and that your feet are flat on the ground. Your keyboard and mouse should be at elbow height and the monitor about 18” away for optimum comfort.

Following some of these guidelines can help keep your home and body safe from harm every day. It’s not always the obvious things.
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