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22 Apr

Sparks Fly As We Celebrate National Welding Month

April is more than showers that bring May flowers. Did you know that April is National Welding Month? Who knew there was such a thing? The American Welding Society (AWS) has designated April as National Welding Month since 1996 to raise awareness about the welding industry and its career paths. This month is a time to recognize the welding industry as a foundation of manufacturing and to broaden the reach of the welding community.

At First Impression Ironworks, we take this month to honor our team of highly skilled iron artisans whose craftsmanship shapes our custom iron world in ways both functional and beautiful. Without our welders, we could not do what we do. Think about all the things we use every single day in our lives from cars to chairs, toasters and even computers with their teeny tiny solder joints that tip their hats to the wonderful world of welding.

Welding is more than just melting metal together. At First Impression, welding is an art form that melds precision with passion. Our welders aren’t just technicians. They’re creators who sculpt steel and iron into stunning works of art that adorn local Arizona homes, businesses, and public spaces.

What makes our welders stand out? It’s not just their ability to join metals. It’s their dedication and attention to detail. They see beyond raw materials, building Iron Entry doors, Iron Security Screen Doors and Iron and Wood Gates that welcome, that protect, and that inspire awe. Every weld is a stroke of creativity, every joint a testament to their skill.

Our artisans turn mundane materials into masterpieces. From intricate scrollwork to sturdy security doors, each piece bears the mark of their expertise.

National Welding Month is a perfect time to shine a spotlight on First Impression Ironworks’ unseen heroes of craftsmanship. It’s a chance to appreciate the artistry and dedication that goes into every weld.

So, here’s to our First Impression Ironworks welders: the architects of your custom iron dreams, the creators of lasting impressions. Thank you for shaping a world that’s both strong and beautiful.

NOTE: this post was edited on April 22, 2024.