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07 May

National Welding Month

Did you know that April was National Welding Month? Who knew there was such a thing? Apparently, according to Chase’s Calendar of Events, “welding is the secret ingredient that keeps the world together”.

We couldn’t agree more!

Without our welders, we could not do what we do. Think about all the things we use every single day in our lives from cars to chairs, toasters and even computers with their teeny tiny solder joints that tip their hats to the wonderful world of welding.

You might not think of welding as very exciting but we have some fun and interesting facts to share about the guys in who wear those Darth Vader masks and make our doors come to life.

For example:

· Welding has been done in space! Even the space station needs weld joints and it was first accomplished by Russian astronauts in 1969. We would have loved to have seen those sparks fly! As a side note, if two pieces of metal touch in space the become permanently stuck together. Which, begs the question “Why do we need welding in space?”. That’s a blog for another day.

· More than half of all American made products require welding; from race cars to cell phones to medical devices to oil rigs and everything in between, the strength of a welded joint is tough to beat.

· The deepest underwater dry weld was carried out at 1075 feet deep. Dry welding is done in a sealed chamber to keep the item being welded dry. However, at almost double that depth, the world’s deepest wet weld was done at 2000 feet deep, directly exposed to the water. What an impressive sight that must have been!

· There are three basic types of welding, TIG, MIG and Stick welding. They all use different techniques and require the study of metallography so that a welder would know, for example, how to tell the difference between stainless and mild steel by using a magnet.

· Welding has been recorded as early as 3500BC during the Bronze Age and was discovered through pictures and tools sealed in Egyptian tombs, although the modern version of welding began in the 19th century.

Each one of our products is welded by our skilled welders who are highly skilled in its art. Without them, our doors, gates, railings and staircases would simply fall apart. We like to call our welders, our unsung heroes. So this April, we tip our hats to you, and pat you on the back. Thanks, for a job well done!

For more fun facts about welding, click here! And to see our welders in action check out our many videos on our Videos page at