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23 Feb

Our Biggest Iron Entry Door Yet!

It might just be the biggest we have ever done! You won’t believe the size of this entry door when you watch this video.

It all started with a simple call to our sales center. When we heard that our customer wanted to replace a “massive” door, we couldn’t have been more delighted to see what we had to work with.

The existing door was made from wood and was over 10 feet tall! On each side of the door were two glass sidelights that we were able to remove in one piece with the top arch of the existing door. After removing the entire frame and door, and hauling it away, we then did minor repairs on the opening to prepare it for the new French iron entry doors.

Using a team of five men, an expandable ladder and a forklift truck, the new frame was carefully maneuvered into place and the transformation began.

First, the ornate transom was carefully guided into place and secured. Each step was filmed and recorded because we didn’t want to miss a second of this impressive installation.

Then, once everything was drilled and screwed into place we brought in the first door and slid it onto its hinges. We repeated this process with the other door and then secured the interior hinged glass into place. It was really starting to come together.

Lastly the glass panels for the sidelights and transom were installed and the final touches were made. We couldn’t have imagined how exquisite it would look until all the pieces came together. It completely transformed the front entryway of our customers’ beautiful home.

From the details like our exclusive wreath peg, beautiful plasma cut scrolls and faux finish on this door, to its large and impressive splendor, anyone can see the quality of a First Impression product. We can fill every iron need you have; from the tiniest panel, to the biggest of doors, we can do it all. Take a look at the video and see the installation process from demolition to final product. It’s truly amazing!