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29 May

Reasons to Love Your Sunscreens

It’s summertime and the temperatures are soaring and nowhere is that more evident than in the Southwest where the temperatures can routinely hit triple digits.   And when those temperatures go up, it is quite easy for your cooling bill to go through the roof.  One easy way to help cool off your home without raising your power bill is with window sunscreens.  But there are also other reasons why these screens are a good idea for those looking for an upgrade to their home.

  • Sunscreens cool off your home.  First, the obvious.  Sunscreens, when placed over windows, will block out the harmful UV rays from the sun that can cause your home to heat up during these warm months.  By covering your windows with sunscreens, you are going to cool off the overall temperature in your house.  This will, in turn, cause you to run your air conditioner even less and that means saving for you in the long term.  It is estimated that sunscreens will save a consumer between twenty and thirty percent off his or her power bill.
  • Sunscreens can protect your home.  One of the other added benefits of a sunscreen is that they reflect out light but they also reflect back the prying looks of potential intruders.  By putting up sunscreens, you are blocking and limiting the view of your home from those standing outside.  This means that it is more difficult for burglars to notice if you are home or not and also keeps them from scoping out your valuables through an unblocked window.
  • Sunscreens can save you money.  Another one of the benefits of sunscreens is that it can save you money aside from the lower cooling bill is with tax benefits (  Congress has set aside a variety of tax breaks for those who make their house more “green” or energy efficient.  These window sunscreens may cost a little bit more upfront, but the savings to you in the long run will make them well worth it.

No matter what your home décor, it should be apparent that sunscreens make sense when it comes to protecting your home.  They can make it cooler, keep out wandering eyes, and save you money on tax incentives and cooling costs.  That is why you should consider adding sunscreens to your home today.