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23 Apr

Save Money and Stay Cool with Solar Screens for Your Windows

Your home’s windows are actually the weakest point of your house for keeping the heat of the sun out and the cool a/c in.  Most windows allow over 50% of the sun’s energy to filter into your home and allow up to 40% of your expensive air-conditioning to escape at the same time.  Considering that air-conditioning is a very large portion of your electric bill – especially in Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson) – any reduction in energy spent on A/C can result in considerable cost savings for you as a homeowner.  Some people have reported up to 25% lower electric bills after they installed solar window screens.

Solar window screens also provide other benefits:

  • Protect your home’s interior from harmful/damaging UV rays
  • Improve privacy and family safety by reducing visibility into your home
  • Provide protection from small dust particles and light debris during dust storms
  • Reduce harsh reflections and glare within your home

Check out First Impression Security Doors’ selection of window screens today.  If you’re an SRP customer and you install before the end of April, you may be eligible for a considerable rebate on your new solar window screens.