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18 Mar


When you hear the word “seal”, security doors are not necessarily the first thing that come to mind. But we are not talking about those cute little snow dwellers, we are referring to the weather stripping that comes standard on all of our doors.

What you might not know is that all weather stripping is not created equal, and it comes in various sizes, thicknesses and grades for varying climates and situations and most “off the shelf” doors, and even some custom made competitor doors do not include this important accessory.

Every First Impression door we sell comes standard with a high quality, durable seal. We even take the extra steps and include seals on all hinged glass pieces in our Iron Entry Doors. So, why is it such a critical part of the process for us? Well, for starters, it can save you up to 15% on your energy costs due to sealing those tiny gaps around your door where heat or cool air can leak. Secondly, the type of weather stripping we use is superior in that it has been chosen to last. It is moisture resistant and can withstand high traffic areas such as around the entry door to your home. We believe that if you are choosing a high quality door, every aspect of the installation should reflect that choice.

Our Security Screen Doors are fabricated and installed with a premium felt weather stripping that will not deteriorate in harsh summer climate, unlike inferior foam tape which might only last a couple of summers. Our felt stripping provides an excellent seal, ensuring that even in the hottest of summers, your door will remain tightly closed against the elements, and on windy monsoon days will reduce drafts sneaking through.

Since our Iron Entry Doors are exposed to outdoor elements, a top quality Q-Lon weather stripping is used. Q-Lon seals combine a rigid core with a highly flexible foam outer covering for a dampened close which helps to reduce slamming sounds as well as providing a perfect seal. Q-Lon seals are designed to last for years and will not deteriorate in any climate, will withstand moisture, heat, heavy usage and will retain their shape, regardless of how many times the door is opened and closed. Q-Lon is builder grade material and cannot be found easily in hardware stores, so you know you are getting a superior product.

We have a variety of examples of our weather stripping to show you in our showrooms, so be sure to ask a Design Consultant to show you when you come by to any of our five valley locations.

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