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26 Aug

Selecting an Iron Door to Fit Your Style and Needs

Confused by all your options when picking just the right look for your next home improvement project? With over 25 years of experience working with Arizona homeowners, First Impression Ironworks understands that your Iron Entry Door should not only be robust enough to withstand the desert elements and protect you from would-be intruders but also have the architectural thought and design to reflect your style and functional preferences.


Before choosing any Iron company, we encourage you to ask questions! No matter who you are considering, ask these important questions:

  1. “Who is going to build my Iron Entry Door, Iron Security Door or Iron & Wood Gate and where will it be made?”
  2. “What’s the history and reputation of the Ironworks Company?”
  3. “Who will be servicing my custom Iron Door or Gate, should the need ever arise?”

We will have an answer for you! The great advantage to manufacturing locally is we know exactly who is designing and building your custom iron work. Click here if you like to do your research and want to ask all the questions that most Ironworks companies don’t want you to ask.

First Impression Ironworks employee welding an Iron Entry Door

Desired Function

  1. Air Flow: Are you looking to add air flow into your home during Arizona’s beautiful months its known for? We have screen and hinged glass options!
  2. Smart Home Tech: Would you like to make integrate your door into your “smart home” network or just have peace of mind with the ability to check if you locked your door from your phone? First Impression Ironworks offers a Kwikset or Schlage lock for your custom iron door that is Z-Wave compatible so you can access your lock remotely from your phone or with voice commands All you’ll need to do is sync it with a compatible Z-Wave smart home hub such as Samsung SmartThings, Ring Alarm, Nexia and Wink.
  3. Entry Way Maximization: Deciding on a single or double door really boils down to how you can best maximize your space. A single door is just that—one door that goes into the door frame and opens into the home. Single doors are well-suited for small entryways or where you have limited space. A double door (also referred to as a French door) features two doors that are installed into the door frame. The doorknobs are in the middle of the door. This is done so that when both doors are open, you can maximize the entire entry space. Double doors can be installed into homes that currently have a single door; however, you need to verify that you can easily expand your entryway. Double doors are also the perfect replacement for traditional sliding glass doors.

Styles and Designs

Modern, industrial, classic, and so many more design influences to choose from. This can be a challenge when deciding on the exact custom iron products for your Arizona home. Getting a handle on the industry vocabulary, and then defining your personal style, can be tricky. And add to that the thousands of custom design options available with First Impression Ironworks, it can be daunting to choose which style will work best for you and your home.

First Impression Ironworks has so many customizable designs for you to choose from, but they all boil down to four main categories: Contemporary/Modern, Southwest, Traditional, and Tuscan.

Contemporary / Modern

If your design style is Contemporary or Modern, you love of clean lines and simple décor which means you don’t fill your house – or your life – with unnecessary clutter.

Large  contemporary french black iron and glass iron entry door


If your design style is Southwest, you’re most likely a nature lover with a taste for the simple things in life.

Tan iron security door with a southwestern design that includes sunrays and a cactus


If your design style is Traditional, you’re someone who has a passion for integrating the past AND the present. Incorporating various design elements allows you to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

dark brown traditional iron entry door with a glass panel that is open to allow airflow


We would recommend a Tuscan design style if you like a beautifully balanced rustic, sun-baked look with elegant iron accents, terra-cotta tiles, textured wall finishes, and beautiful scroll work.

large arched Tuscan iron entry door with glass panel that is open to allow airflow

Still feeling a little daunted by the choices? Find your perfect iron door by taking our Quiz to determine your preferred style:

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