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19 Nov

Sleigh-ing the Holidays One Decoration at a Time

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means the rest of the year-end merry-making is coming right behind. So as soon as you wake up from that Turkey-day tryptophan nap, we’ll all be hearing holiday songs on the radio and having that sudden urge to decorate our homes accordingly!

A wreath is the obvious place to start, and on the door it goes, right? Well, not so fast. If you don’t have a wreath peg built into your door, then you are struggling – year after year – to fashion some kind of device to safely and securely attach that beautiful wreath to your front door.

Just an FYI: at First Impression Ironworks, you can add a wreath peg to your Iron Security Door, Iron Entry Door, and even your Gates! No more nails in your front door or those unstable metal wreath hangers. A simple and elegant wreath peg built into your door is simply a design element that saves you time and effort year after year.

“The only rule of holiday decorating I follow is that it should be uniquely personal,” says D.C.-based interior and textiles designer Marika Meyer. “I throw out the traditional color schemes and instead pull out all of my favorite things: my grandmother’s silver, vintage oyster plates, and that brand-new, stunning table setting I have my eye on.”

Here are a few holiday decorating dos and don’ts to consider to ensure you love your holiday décor from “head to mistletoe”:

Two women hanging fairy lights in a home
  1. Don’t decorate in red and green just because you think you have to. Experiment with metallic and alternative colors such as blue or pink. Have fun with it!
  2. Do have a theme! Think about your decorations as a cohesive unit covering your entire house. Whether it’s by color or style, your decorations should tell a single story.
  3. Do decorate every room. You can easily add touches of holiday cheer in your bedrooms and bathrooms with garlands and fairy lights!
  4. Don’t overthink it. If you’re not an over-the-top person, keep it simple. Also, keeping it classic instead of a different theme every year will allow for you to get more use every year!
  5. Do use your creativity to set the table. A few must-have items for a lovely holiday dinner: flowers, festive table linens, and eye-catching dinnerware.
  6. Don’t leave your decorations up too long. Superstition has it that leaving your decorations up past the New Year will bring bad luck. Take them down by January 5th and get ready for spring!

Need a little more inspiration?? Check out some of our First Impression employee’s sweet decorating skills from last year!

Remember, the holidays are about having a great time and counting your blessings. Contact us at 602-345-7481 for a worry-free design consultation and quote. Take a deep breath and enjoy the season!