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18 Dec

Spotlight on Greg McNamee

Few people can generate the nickname “Mr. Enthusiasm” but our spotlight this month is on a person whose energy and tireless work ethic has earned him recognition throughout First Impression Security Doors.  Having been with the company a year, Greg is Sales Supervisor and when at one of the fifty events First Impression attends each year Greg is the On-Site Manager.  Bringing exceptional service to existing and new clients as well as training the new Sales Consultants is what keeps him busy.

Greg McNamee started out in First Impression as an Outside Sales Consultant and was quickly recognized for his tenacious attitude towards learning all he can about the company and the products offered.  Greg was then promoted to Events Coordinator where he organized and managed most of the fifty events held in 2012.  Events like Home Shows are no small task and Greg was again singled out for his incredible work ethic and never stop attitude.  He’s quick to tell you this is a good thing as he is expecting his first child, a baby girl, in January 2013.  Greg says, “I’ll tell anyone with ears that I am so happy to be expecting a baby girl.  She can’t come soon enough!”

Greg ensures that at each event existing clients are welcomed while also checking in with the client about their First Impression Security Doors product.  He also manages that potential clients get all the information they need to make an informed choice.  He doesn’t want to just meet the needs of clients; he actively works to exceeds the needs and give great customer service in the process.

When asked to look at 2012 and tell us what the big take-aways from it were, Greg sites the home shows and other events by saying, “You know in the beginning of 2012 the economy was slow and starting to recover and many wanted to do so much for their home but just couldn’t.  By the time August rolled around we had people saying they were building homes and needed our iron products!  It is great to see how things are looking up!”  Greg also thinks the iPads at the events help each client to really see and know the products before purchasing and making a custom decision for their home.

Greg is very anxious for 2013 for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the anticipated birth of his daughter.  He also looks forward to the great new product designs and custom capabilities which will be available next year at First Impression.  Although he has been pretty secretive about what we could expect in the coming year, he wants everyone to be super surprised and excited just like he is when they are launched.