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18 Aug

Steel vs. Aluminum: Why One Is Superior

When you’re on the market for a new security door, you have numerous options, just as you would when purchasing a car, a home or new furniture. In addition to selecting a door that fits your needs (added security, improving the aesthetics of your exterior, enclosing an outside space, etc.) and complements your home’s existing design, you’ll also want to give some serious consideration to the type of door you’re after, in terms of material.

Should you opt for a metal variety, you then have a choice between aluminum or steel. At First Impression Ironworks, we feel the decision is easy, and we’re here to help you make your own informed decision about what might be best for your home and property. So, when it comes to aluminum doors vs. steel ones, what’s your best bet?

Why Steel Is a Cut Above

At First Impression Ironworks, we fabricate all of our products exclusively from 100-percent American-made steel, straying away from the aluminum models that many of our competitors somehow continue to embrace. Why? Well, for starters, steel is significantly stronger, meaning not only that you have added security, but that you also do not have to make up for the lack of strength aluminum provides by relying on thicker frames. Standard 2” or 3” steel frames also improve air flow and visibility considerably when compared with aluminum models.


Welding Iron Security Door

How First Impression Ironworks Takes Steel a Step Further

While we consider steel a building material that is far superior to aluminum, we also make using premium-quality steel components a priority. All of the steel we use in our manufacturing is sourced in the United States. We also rely exclusively on 14-gauge steel, which is thicker than the 16-gauge variety that is common among our competitors. The added thickness of the steel means more durability, so, to us, the answer is clear: when it comes to building materials, steel continues to reign supreme.

So, know that you know that steel is superior in terms of quality, durability and longevity, know, too, how highly customizable steel doors and other products can be. Whether you’re looking to outfit your new home or enhance your existing home, consider steel as opposed to aluminum, and get the most out of your investment.