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30 May

Tips on keeping your home safe while you travel

Memorial Day marks the start of vacation season.


But before you pack up, load up, and gas up the car, you need to make sure your home is safe and secure.

An empty home is prime picking for burglars.


For Tory Skinner, the security of his home is very important. “There’s nothing more important to me than my wife and children.” said Skinner.


That’s why Skinner called John Esposito, a crime prevention specialist with First Impression Security Doors .



Esposito gave Skinner some tips on how to make his home more secure.



“This is just a typical screw that would go into the frame,” Esposito demonstrates. “This one is a three-inch screw that not only goes into the frame, but also the framing of the home.”


The screws Esposito is referring to, are key in helping keep crooks from kicking down your door.


Another tip Esposito gave is to keep your hedges around the windows nice and short.


“You should keep the bushes about six inches below the window. Landscaping that goes up against the window is an advantage for the criminal, it allows them a place to hide.” said Esposito.


He also said making sure your outside lights are working is a top priority. Motion sensor lights are a definite plus. As for the windows, just locking them isn’t always enough.


Simple thumb-turn locks keep your window from being pushed open and wooden dowel rods placed in the frame can be used to keep sliding doors and windows from opening.


“Garages are even more susceptible to break-ins,” said Esposito.


“They can break through the glass or plastic with a coat hanger or a hook and pull the apparatus designed to release the garage door in case of an emergency.”


The solution? A simple twenty cent plastic tie that will keep the emergency handle from being pulled.


Esposito’s most important piece of advice, though, is just be prepared.


“If you leave your home, and don’t think you’ll be a victim of crime, that’s not a smart thing to do,” said Esposito.


“Most people think it’s going to happen to somebody else.”