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10 Dec

Winter Brings Home Projects

Outdoor home projects at this time of the year seem to be a priority, especially for Arizona residents where cooler temperatures are upon us, and the holidays loom. Everyone likes a tidy home when visitors come to stay and this year will be no exception. There are a number of exterior transformations you can make to your home in a weekend that can really make sense not just for the winter, but for all year round.

1) Look after your Lawn – Winterize your sprinkler system to prevent leaks or burst underground pipes, especially if the temperature is forecast to dip below freezing at night. There are many helpful online videos about how to winterize your sprinkler system, or you can give your local landscaper a call if you prefer that a professional tackle it. You should also rake any leaves that have fallen onto your lawn and find out the proper way to winterize the particular type of grass you have, as well as applying fertilizer.

2) Freshen up the Façade – Winter in Arizona is a perfect time for paint touchups to your stucco or siding. If you will do a full repainting of the exterior of your home, be sure you know whether or not application of the particular paint you choose is recommended for temperatures below 45 or 50 degrees. You can also do a thorough power washing of the outside which helps prevent mold and mildew buildup and can really give your home’s exterior an eye pop!

3) Repair the Roof – If there is any chance of precipitation in the forecast, southwest winter is the time to repair any problems with your roof. Experts suggest checking your roof once every one or two years to be sure that any problems remain small – a large roof repair can easily cost thousands of dollars, so hire a local roofing expert to do a thorough check on your roof before any holes or leaks get serious.

4) Patch your Pathway – Unsightly cracks and holes in your pathway and driveway leading to your home can really make it look in disrepair. They can also turn much worse in the winter with cooler temperatures making those smaller cracks widen. In turn, the walkways can become treacherous for visitors, creating a trip hazard for your friends and family. Your best bet is to hire a concrete pro who can advise you on the best way to repair those cracks to ensure they won’t get worse or come back.

5) Do up your Door – A new front door can be enough to make anyone approaching your home dance with delight! Whether you add a security screen door or replace the entire front door, the difference it can make will astound you! First Impression has literally hundreds of designs to choose from, or design your own with the help of our knowledgeable Design Consultants. Give us a call for a no obligation quote at (800) 360-1788 today!
Whatever your project this winter, be sure that it gives a great “First Impression”!