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18 Nov

Don’t Be a Porch Pirate Victim

We’re all doing more online shopping, so that trend is sure to continue during this upcoming holiday season. The trend of online shopping has been on the rise for years, and – in fact – one recent study found 59% of respondents receiving at least one package per week in 2020. So naturally, we’re all getting more deliveries to our front doors.

hand holding a mobile phone with a shopping website displayed on the screen

Unfortunately, many of those delivered packages sit unattended for hours. Guess who this attracts? Local thieves! A recent study found that 43% of homeowners reported having a package stolen – up from 36% just one year earlier. And of those who have had a package stolen, more than half have had it happen more than once. Ouch!

Here’s an easy solution: A courtyard gate is an easy and effective way to limit access to your front door and provide a safe haven for all your holiday package deliveries. Our custom designed residential courtyard gates are handmade to match the style and color of your home, as well as to fit your budget. Our high-quality wrought iron gates are durable and decorative, improving curb appeal and instantly adding both security and property value to your home.

In addition to safeguarding your home entry area with a courtyard gate, CNET recommends 7 more practical tips to discourage porch pirates:

  1. Install a video doorbell
  2. Install a Home Security System
  3. Take advantage of package tracking and know when your packages will be dropped at your door
  4. Have your packages delivered to Amazon lockers
  5. Invest in a porch lockbox
  6. Require signature on delivery
  7. If you have a freestanding mailbox at the end of your driveway, purchase a mailbox sensor

To enclose your front porch safely and decoratively with one of our beautiful courtyard gates, give us a call today at 602-345-7481 and keep the pirates at bay!