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24 Sep

F-Words: Feelin’ Fresh For Fall

The nights are finally cooling down here in Arizona. Not a minute too soon! With fresh fall air just on the horizon, opening up your house to a cool night breeze is a hot topic right now (pun intended)!

Doesn’t the fresh cool air feel amazing after 4 months of temperatures over 100? More than pure comfort control, letting fresh air in is an effective way to control odors and carbon dioxide in your home.

At certain levels, carbon dioxide can be poisonous, so here’s why it matters that this gas may be sitting stale in your home. Even low concentrations of carbon dioxide were shown by Satish, et al. in 2012 to impair decision making. In particular, subjects’ initiative, willingness to stay on task, and basic strategizing took a nosedive after carbon dioxide concentrations were raised. With more people working from the home office these days, we may be noticing these effects even more frequently! Letting fresh air flow through your home in order for it to sweep out stale, used air, gases, odors, and dust is important to your health.

So, how do you open up your home for this cross-ventilation while still protecting your family’s safety? One way is to bring some of that fresh, cooler air into your home with an Iron Security Screen Door from First Impression Ironworks. We have been building 100% American made iron security doors for over 25 years! Every one includes high quality Kwikset or Schlage tamper proof locks with a digital upgrade option. We powder coat our doors with over a dozen available colors. And because each door is designed to fit your style and your budget, each one is custom made by craftsman right here in Arizona.

Want to see one of our Iron Security Screen Doors literally save the lives of an Arizona family? Check out this video about a recent attempted break-in that was quickly foiled by a First Impression Iron Security Door in your neighborhood.

Installing a good quality Iron Security Door allows you, as an Arizona homeowner, to safely bring some of that fresh, cooler air into your home. It will also increase the life of your primary entry door by providing it an extra measure of sun, wind and weather protection.

Our Iron Security Doors are designed to add safety to your home, let in the cool breeze, and also add curb appeal and property value. Go ahead and relax, feel safe and breathe easy. Call us today at 602-345-7481 to freshen up your home!