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15 Jan

Iron Doors and Gates: Powder Coating vs. Paint

Okay, so you’re thinking of making an investment in an Iron Door or Gate for your Arizona home. That’s a good choice. Then why choose to coat the surface of your door or gate with the kind of liquid paint one normally finds on cars and trucks. Car paint is shiny and impressive on your vehicle, but the smart choice is to finish your Iron Entry Doors, Iron Security Doors, and Iron & Wood Gates with a high quality powder coating process to protect your iron masterpieces.

First Impression Ironworks employee powder coating an iron door
We Powder Coat our products by hand!

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the application of an organic powder to metal using electrostatic attraction.  At First Impression, this is done by hand by our trained craftsman. Even before the actual powder-coat application, we complete a pre-powder coat phosphate wash that thoroughly cleans the surface to allow for the best adhesion of the powder.

The powder coated surface is then heat cured to a smooth hard finish in a one of our 400-degree ovens. This process ensures superior protection and longevity against the elements compared to simply applying a coat of paint. 

We use only 100% American made steel products and offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure years of enjoyment for your investment.

Why Do We Use Powder Coating?

Powder coating has been shown to inhibit corrosion more than liquid paint.  Powder coating metal helps create a homogenous, thoroughly covered surface.  This evenly covered surface helps prevent the metal from interacting with other materials and with the immediate environment.  This is a great way to stop or inhibit corrosion. Liquid paint usually requires the use of bondo additives, which will not stop rust, and tends to chip, peel, and/or crack in very short time when exposed to high temperatures and windy environments. 

Powder coating is safer for the environment than traditional liquid paint. Unlike traditional solvent-based wet paint, powder coating is considered a “green” technology that does not generate harmful solvents or airborne pollutants. If you would like to learn even more reasons why Powder Coating is eco-friendly, check out this article bye Reliant Finishing Systems!

Powder coating can be applied to a surface in varying thickness. The heavier the thickness, the more durable and long lasting the surface, but there is a sweet spot that our team has found through 25+ years of experience. First Impression powder coat thickness is measured at 3.5 mil while liquid paint coated surfaces are typically only 0.015 – .02 mil thick.

Numerous Colors to Choose From

Finally, you do not have to sacrifice your design options. First Impression Ironworks powder coating surfaces are available in over a dozen colors. 

Powder Coat color sample bars hanging on a wall
First Impression Ironworks Powder Coat color samples.

We take our commitment to “First Class Products, Care and Service” very seriously and stand behind our products.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, then give us a call at 602-345-7481 to learn more.