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19 Nov

Powder Coating: The First Impression Difference

First Impression Security Doors is very proud of the quality and workmanship of every product custom manufactured for each client.  Part of this commitment to quality and longevity is in our powder coating process.  At this time, we would like to share with you exactly what makes our in-house powder coating process different from any other iron product that is currently out on the market.

With over forty stocked powder coat options and another four hundred that are possible to choose from, you will find that your First Impression security door, gate or any other product will be nearly one of a kind in terms of design and style.  The powder coating comes in different colors, textures, and shades.  Once you order your door, you will work with one of our design consultants to help determine which coating will provide the look and feel you desire that will match your home’s décor and style the best.

A key component to the powder coating process that our facility does is the Prep Stage, a point in the process that is unmatched with many other companies and ensures the highest quality finish and durability.  The Prep Stage is where the iron product being custom made is cleaned in a high-pressure phosphate wash system ensuring that every nook and cranny is fresh and ready to accept the powder coat finish.  This also gives an even greater quality finish to the product giving it a higher end look and feel.

Powder coating is an electro-magnetically charged powder sprayed on to the iron surface that adheres to the raw materials.  The iron product is then taken to an over-sized oven to bake in 400-degree temperatures for about twenty-five minutes  (FUN FACT:  The oven is big enough that you actually could drive a bus through it!).  This process is for all the different products we make here in our manufacturing plant in Gilbert, Arizona.  Once the powder coating is complete it is quality tested for thickness. Every First Impression product is powder coated to twice the industry standard.  This gives a high quality durable finish and helps protect against damage ensuring that your door or gate will last longer than other non-powder coated products.

The powder coating process is just another example of the meticulous attention to detail that First Impression gives to your product and order.  Our consultants are ready to help you design a custom door, gate or stair railing that is not only a stylish part of your home’s décor, but also a lasting part of it as well.