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11 May

How to Better Protect Your Home and Avoid Unwanted Intrusions

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, there were more than 1.2 million burglaries in 2018 with losses totaling about $3.4 billion. The average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,799. So, what can you, as a homeowner, do to protect your home and not become part of this statistic? 

Well, one place to start is to review this simple checklist found here 8 Simple ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home from the organization Popular Mechanics.  

And in fact, the very first recommendation on their list is to beef up your door security! They point to areas of vulnerability such as the deadbolt lock inserts and short screws in strike plates. Simple adjustments to these and other vulnerable areas of your doors can help keep you and your family safe.

One of the best ways to add security to your Arizona home is with an Iron Security Door or Iron Entry Door to your home. What’s more, adding a custom iron product from First Impression Ironworks also adds value to your home!

What makes a security door burglar proof?

Top 10 things to look for that will make your security doors burglar resistant and add to your property value:

  1. One-way 6” screws that cannot be removed with a standard tool. They require a corresponding removal tool to ensure safe removal.
  2. Drilled into the frame of your home – the benefit of having the door anchored into the kings studs around the door (structural part of your home) is that the weight of the door won’t be pulling on the jam so the door can’t just be pulled right off.
  3. Welded bullet hinges that cannot be unpinned unless door is unlocked and open.
  4. Name brand hardware – We use Kwikset and Schlage. Using name brand hardware comes with the peace of mind of reliability.
  5. Larger framing – 14 gauge or larger, stronger.
  6. A pick guard of 9.5” – The length covers the deadbolt and latch from being picked at by a crowbar.
  7. Metal screen upgrade options.
  8. Glass Screen upgrade options.
  9. Optional window guards next to security door to prevent break into side windows. If your door has sidelights next to it we can cover those as well.
  10. Full frame mounting frame – not pieced together heavier duty.

Our design consultants are ready to answer all your questions and design an Iron Security Door or Iron Entry Door that fits your home’s style and your budget. Schedule a free in-home design consultation appointment today at 602-345-7481, select “Book your In-Home Appointment” above, or visit one of our showrooms!