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04 Mar

Quality Comes First

If our customers could see the stack of quality assurance forms on our QA Lead’s desk, they would get a great insight into what goes into a typical production check. Every square inch and crevice of each product is given the once (or twice!) over to be sure there are no flaws in the finish, no welding errors and that everything is exactly to the customer specifications.  We utilize a 9 Point Inspection Checklist to ensure that the final product meets our high standards.

Every one of our products is made from scratch, just for you. We do not stock any products, and we make everything to order, in-house, using our own background-checked and drug-screened employees. This means that we are able to control each detail of the production process, enabling us to check it at every stage and fix any issues quickly.

After the all details of an order are final, it is sent to the production floor, and the scrolls, kick plates, pickets and design details for the product are created by our iron artisans. Each one is checked for perfection before moving to the next stage.

When all the pieces have been welded together, the door, window guard, gate or railing is re-checked against the drawing and tested for perfect functionality before being cleaned and prepped for the powder coating.

Our high pressure phosphate washing system creates an ideal adherence surface, and ensures a long lasting flawless finish. Once the product is prepped, it goes through another quality control check to ensure that there are no bumps, stray pieces of dirt, rust or dust so that the finish will be perfectly smooth.

Once it has been deemed fit for finishing, it is sent to our state of the art powder coating facility, where it receives a coat above the industry standard’s thickness, in 1 of 240 color powder coat color options. At this point your product is almost complete! It goes into the oven where it is baked for about half an hour, and is once again checked for a perfect finish. If there are any issues with the final finish at that point, our team will address them.

Finally, once the powder coat finish has been verified and confirmed, it’s ready for installation! Hinges, locks, handles and screens or glass will be checked one final time to ensure that it is ready for your inspection. We love the look on our customers’ faces when they see the finished product!

Want to see more? Check out this video to see the highlights from concept to installation.