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29 Jul

Seeing Is Believing: Your Home Entryway Before and After

It might be hard to imagine the huge impact that an iron door would have on your home’s entry. You’re used to seeing it a certain way, so change can be a bit unsettling.

Probably the best way to think about this is to consider these 3 main changes such a door will have on your home:

  • Increased safety and security for your family
  • Long term durability means increased value for your property
  • The beauty and added curb appeal to your home

And what better way to imagine these changes than to see for yourself with some before and after comparisons? Check out this ‘before and after’ set to see how a typical Arizona homeowner benefits from adding an Iron Security Door to their home:

Two side by side images, a before and after of the same front entry of a home.  The before image is of a black wooden door,  The second is the after of the same door, with a black First Impression Ironworks security door.

Here’s a more detailed checklist of what to look out for in selecting a new Iron Security Door for you home:

Safety & SecurityWith sufficient force – and a little ingenuity – your solid wood door can easily be penetrated by ‘bad guys’. Also, if you want to leave your wood door open to let in some fresh air, you’re leaving your home unsecured and leaving your family vulnerable to intruders.An Iron door will simply deter most intruders and are thereby by much safer than wood. Our Iron Security Screen Doors are drill proof, making them extremely difficult for an intruder to gain access. An iron door fitted with deadbolts and non-removable pin hinges adds even more security. This way, you can keep your wood door open, allowing for added air flow, while simultaneously keeping your home secure.
DurabilityA wooden front door exposed to the elements here in the Arizona sun and heat will eventually start to fade, warp, or crack and need to be replaced.Iron Security doors are virtually indestructible. Steel exterior doors are also very low-maintenance. Your First Impression iron door will not rot or warp over time, so you don’t have to worry about regularly staining or refinishing your exterior steel door.
Curb AppealMost doors in the neighborhood look pretty much alike. This air of uniformity typically lacks character, as these standard designs likely came with the home as part of a builder package.Your custom Iron Security Door will be built to your home’s specifications and designed to match your style and budget. A custom iron security door will enhance the character of your home’s entry by reflecting your individual style and taste!

If you’re looking for the right door and the right design for you, click here for 5 Tips to Picking the Right Design to Fit Your Style and Budget. Then let on of our expert design consultants bring the showroom fight to your home and show you all the options. Give us a call at 602-345-7481 to schedule a free in-home design consultation and quote.