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24 Apr

Tax Refund Home Improvements

When tax time rolls around, according to the IRS one in five of us wait to do the filing until the very last moment, even if we know we will get a refund. Each year we say we’ll do better, and each year we procrastinate.

What if there were something to look forward to after the taxes are done? Something more exciting than money (is there really such a thing?), and something that would actually add value to your home? Perhaps that would make the chore of filing a little sweeter.

If you are lucky enough to get a check in the mail this year, consider spending it on a home improvement project that will give you the best bang for your buck. Check out the internet for hundreds of articles about which home improvement projects are best. They all mention the same thing. It’s something simple that we happen to know a lot about. According to Remodeling magazine, Forbes, Money magazine, and so many others, replacing your door is consistently rated at the top of the list for ROI (Return on Investment) when you go to sell your home.
Some improvements you can do to boost the sales price of your home don’t even cost a dime! Let’s take a look at some fixes you can do in a snap, some of them before the check has even hit your mailbox!

1) Clean up – do it yourself or hire a pro to clean the house from top to bottom.

2) Replace your front door with a steel entry door. You can get a return on investment of between 90 and 125% on this improvement!

3) Fix up the yard – prune your trees, mow the lawn, remove weeds, cover empty areas with a beautiful pot or landscaping rock, or even plant flowers.

4) Replace street facing garage doors – this is an immediate curb appeal improvement and can drastically change the look of the front of your home. You’ll get around an 85% ROI on this one.

5) Replace broken items – bulbs, leaky faucets, latches, light switches, squeaky doors and ceiling fans. These all say “this house is broken” and buyers will lower their offers accordingly.

6) Purchase new appliances – nothings says “unmaintained home” like a dirty, dented or broken appliance. If any of your appliances look old and bedraggled, a beautiful new (or used one in good cosmetic shape) can really make the difference for someone on the fence about making an offer.

7) Add new hardware – adding a new lock and lever to your front door, or knobs to kitchen cabinets can really spruce up the place.

8) Paint the walls – if you do it yourself, painting one wall in a room with an accent color can be a very inexpensive way to brighten a dull room. Be careful not to choose colors that are currently en vogue so as not to date your home or put anyone off. Go for neutral colors that accent rather than bright colors that scream!

9) Clean the windows – if you have a beautiful view, make sure windows and sliding doors are clean enough that a potential buyer can see through them!

10) Minor kitchen remodel – replace countertops if yours are scratched or stained, add new cabinet doors, get a new sink and faucet, and change the flooring if your budget can stretch to it. Everyone loves a beautiful and functional kitchen so take a look at what works and doesn’t work and make changes that will positively impact your home’s potential buyers.

However you spend your refund this year, do the research on how to do so wisely. And if you decide to replace your front door, we’ll be right here!