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28 Jan

Steel Entry Doors Receive a Whopping 96% Return on Investment

Each year, Remodeling magazine does a study comparing average costs of popular remodeling jobs across 102 United States markets against their return on investment. This year we are blogging about it because at the top of the midrange project list (again!) is a replacement steel entry door.

Let’s see how things measure up.

Replacement Entry Door

In the midrange projects, one of most affordable remodeling jobs you can do is to replace your entry door . With an average cost in 2014 of $1,162, and an average resale value of $1,122, you would recoup a whopping 96.6% of your expense when you sell. There are no other projects in this range where you would recoup anywhere near that percentage with such a small initial outlay! You also get the immediate benefit of improving curb appeal, increased security and extra interior lighting to enjoy while you are still in the home.

Garage Door Replacement

Next on the list of the less costly home improvements you can make is to replace your garage door. Nowadays there are many different styles including contemporary, traditional or steel doors which can really change the look of your home. With an 83.7% ROI, and an average outlay of about $1,534, a garage door replacement can be another solid investment.

Window Replacement

If you are able to expend a little more initially, the rate of the return is a little lower, but you can still realize an average of around 79% by replacing your windows with vinyl or wood framed panes. If you replace 10 3 x 5′ double-hung windows, you can expect to spend an average of between $10k and $11k with a return of up to $8,700. Switching out your windows can completely change or complement the look of the exterior of your home and can be well worth the money.

Wooden Deck Addition

Adding a deck to your home is another improvement you can make with a healthy ROI. On average, a homeowner can expect to recoup about 87.4% of their initial investment of adding a 16 x 20′ deck anchored to concrete piers, with a built in bench and matching planter.

Attic Bedroom

Rounding out our list of high ROI home additions you can make, an attic bedroom proved to be a popular one among homeowners. With a return on investment of 84.3% and an average cost of $49,438, you will add a bedroom to a home, while also making use of otherwise unused space. Perfect for a guest, craft, or hobby room, a 15 x 15′ attic bedroom can net you an average of $41,656 when you sell.

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For more information on the study, visit Remodeling Magazine’s website here.