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10 Feb

Trend Setters: Iron Door Upgrades Worth a Look in 2023

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about a particular design, a color finish, maybe even hinged glass for your new Iron Door. Maybe you’ve even visited one of our Arizona showrooms. So now you might be asking yourself: “What really cool trends in iron door add-ons could make my entryway totally unique”.

At First Impression Ironworks, we’ve had nearly 30 years of designing, building and installing custom Iron Doors and Gates throughout Arizona. Our Senior Design Specialists are well acquainted with the trends that are most likely to fit your style and functionality desires.

So, what’s popular for 2023?

Our Top 3 Most Popular Iron Door Enhancements:

1. Iron Handles

This is our top upgrade for iron security doors because you get an elegant upgraded result – from over a dozen styles to choose from. Chances are, we have a style that’s just for you.

2. Metal Mesh

Our durable powder coated metal mesh is another option for your iron security door for when you are looking for an elegant way to ensure intruders stay out and your fur babies in.

3. Digital Locks

Digital locks are popular for iron entry doors AND iron security doors. At the touch of your smartphone, your front doors, windows, and more can be opened, locked, or controlled. Check out our recent blog Easy Ways to Make Your Home a “Smart Home” to learn more.

“Working with Arizona homeowners to design their dream door is a passion of mine. I’ve noticed that one of our current sought-after upgrades are our iron handles. They are great for amplifying the look of an Iron Security Door or Iron Entry Door to change the entire front of the house with a statement. It makes a – huge- impact on an Iron Security Door by giving it an Iron Entry door look.“

– Aaron Blue, Designer at First Impression Ironworks

No matter your style or custom choices, a beautiful iron door is an elegant way to add detail, color, and style to your home. Be sure to check out our photo gallery for inspiration and give us a call at 602-345-7481 when you’re ready to speak with a Design Specialist.