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So, what’s in a door? Look at these two images and imagine what you might see in the homes beyond.

Beautiful First Impression Door

A door is like the window to the soul of a home and paints a picture of the style and comfort you will find inside. On the right, picture a well appointed well-kept house, with upgraded features. On the left, you might imagine a home that’s unmaintained, drafty and tattered. Regardless of what’s inside, and particularly when you are trying to sell a home, making the entrance of a house attractive can mean the difference between selling it or having the majority drive right by the For Sale sign.

Curb Appeal
You can have spent thousands on a remodeled kitchen, new flooring or a huge closet conversion, but if the facade says “dilapidated” nobody will even see all that hard work. It all starts with the message you send from the outside, and a beautiful front door can make all the difference. What’s more, a new door will not only improve the odds of a sale, you can get almost all of your investment back (and sometimes more!).

Return on Investment
Year after year, a front door replacement has been shown to be the best mid-range remodel you can do. On average, a homeowner spends around $1,162 on a replacement door, with an average resale of $1,122, so basically, on average you can expect to make about a $40 investment on a new door if you are planning on selling! Not to mention the security and light benefits you will enjoy in the meantime!

An iron front door provides the best security, being much stronger than wood or fiberglass. Our doors are fabricated from the highest quality 10-14 gauge steel, with a 6 x 2 steel frame. We also provide optional bump-proof locks and flush bolts to further enhance the security and we are constantly improving our technology to stay ahead of criminals.

An upgraded front door doesn’t only provide benefits from the exterior though. An iron entry door provides a beautiful appeal from the inside too. The one thing we hear most often from our customers after their new door has been installed is how much more light can be let in. Iron scrollwork is also a very attractive addition that can be seen from the interior entryway of your home. Added sidelights can increase this beauty and since all of our doors are foam insulated you don’t need to worry about your utility bills!

Thinking about a new door? We can answer any questions you may have and show you some of the many options we have available in any of our showrooms, or give us a call at 1-800-360-1788.