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20 Oct

Your Guide to Purchasing a Quality Security Screen Door

Security is a big issue for many homeowners.  With the current climate of break-ins and home invasions, any added security to deter the criminals is a welcome addition.  One of those additions is a security screen door.  Here are some tips on what to look for when buying such a door.

  • Be sure of your manufacturer/distributor.  Many companies are now trying to fob off old products and calling them new.  Others are bringing in foreign imports which are not up to the quality of locally manufactured security doors such as those made by First Impression.  It may require some research, particularly using Angie’s List online or calling the Better Business Bureau.  But it is important to know the reputation and standards of the company you will be entrusting with the security of your home.
  • Check out the local showrooms.  Be sure that the company you choose has showrooms available so that you can check out the quality of their work and look at the selection.  If a company doesn’t have enough pride in their work to display it for the general public to view, you probably don’t want to have anything to do with them.
  • Talk to your dealer about the installation process.  Letting someone into your home is a major trust issue.  Make sure that your dealer does the installation themselves and doesn’t outsource it to subcontractors.  This could wind up with additional fees buried into your bill to cover both the dealer’s production of the door and the subcontractor’s cut for installation.  Also, find out exactly how long it will take to manufacture and install the door.  Get as firm an answer as possible on this.
  • Find out about service and warranties.  If the company subcontracts the service to yet another company, then you have another step in the process for something to fall apart in the chain.  Try to find a company that services its own doors and offers warranties that they back up.  This shows that they stand behind their work and that they will take care of any problems on their own, without having to hand it off to another company.
  • Find out the specifications of your security door.  If the company makes their doors out of aluminum, you will probably want to take a pass since this is much more fragile than steel doors which are virtually impregnable.  Ask if the doors will be flush mounted or frame mounted.  Flush mounted doors are considered to be much less secure than frame mounted ones.  If you are going to pay for security, make sure that you get a truly secure door.  You will also probably want to use a company that features “z-bar” as opposed to using welded hinges.
  • Find out about the coating.  If the company paints their doors, remember that this will eventually deteriorate and peel as opposed to doors that are powder coated for a long-lasting, beautiful look.  (And if they do offer powder coating, make sure that they do the work themselves.  Remember, the fewer subcontractors, the cheaper the bill and the better chances for top notch quality.)

Take all of these into consideration when you are looking for a security door.  If you are going to secure your family and home, it only makes sense to make sure that you get only the best.