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12 Jul

10 Tips to Prevent Home Burglary or Invasion

One of the scary realities of life is that crime happens and it does so at an alarming rate.  Every single day, over six thousand burglaries are reported in the United States.  That averages out to roughly one burglary every fourteen seconds.  While you can’t make it impossible to completely stop every criminal, it is possible to “Target Harden” your property to deter thieves from victimizing you:

  • Establish a hard perimeter.  This is one of the easiest ways to secure your property line by creating an outside perimeter by installing fencing or a gate.  Whether chain link, wood, wall, or iron, any barrier is a good barrier to stopping criminals.  Although they will not completely stop them, they certainly will impede a criminal’s access to your property.  NOTE:  Perimeter Security such as fencing should impede the criminal, but never impede visibility.  If it does, this may have the reverse effect by making it a more prime target for criminals who feel that they will have more privacy to commit the burglary once inside the perimeter.
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed.  Overgrown shrubbery, particularly around windows and other entrances can provide excellent cover for criminals.  Also, make sure that the hedges don’t cover your house address number so that law enforcement officers can see them from the street in the event of an emergency call.
  • Install and maintain exterior lights.  It is a proven fact that exterior lights deter crime.  Be sure to install timers or motion detectors to switch the lights on-and-off as lights left on all the time will convince an observant criminal that no one is home.
  • Close the garage.  Criminals have an easier time entering homes when homeowners leave the garage open or leave the access door from the garage to the home unlocked.  Be sure to install a dead-bolt on this access door and keep it locked.  Also, consider installing a security screen door on the access door for added protection.  Going on vacation?  Unplug the garage door opener and padlock the garage door for that extra protection.
  • Install higher quality exterior doors such as metal or wood.  Perhaps more terrifying than a burglary while you are away is a home invasion.  The FBI states that one occurs every twelve seconds when an intruder breaks through an exterior door.  Schedule a security seminar to learn how to increase your external door security with additions such as peepholes and security door screens in many decorative models.

These five tips will make your house seem less desirable so that any trolling criminals will keep moving.  But they aren’t the only way to target harden your home.  In our next blog, we will show you five more ways to deter burglars and home invaders.