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26 May

3 Questions Every Homeowner Asks About Iron Security Doors

“Curb appeal” is more than just a homeowner buzz word. If you’re going to spend money improving your home, you want it to be worth what you’re spending but also have the aesthetics functionality you want. What if we told you – you can upgrade your entryway and get it all? Iron Security Doors are impressively beautiful, will last for many years, improve the value of your home and provide and provide protection for your property and your family.

With a huge selection of design options, colors, finishes and upgrades, First Impression Ironworks, can boost your curb appeal your way.

Below we answer the top three questions every homeowner asks before ordering an Iron Security Door.

Why should I choose an Iron Security Door over other screen door options?

Your first consideration is to know the difference between aluminum and steel for your screen door. Do you want something that is resistant to wear and tear and rust? Steel/iron is the most robust metal selection for long lasting beauty! Not only should you opt for Iron instead of aluminum for quality and security, all the small details (from one way screws to bullet hinges to the 14 gauge frame come) together to make your home safe. Click here to learn more about what First Impression Ironworks does to ensure your Iron Security Door is essentially burglar proof.

“Extremely pleased with our security door! It was reasonably priced, delivered and installed in a timely manner, and looks great. It is sturdy and of good quality. Everyone we worked with was friendly and knowledgeable. We get lots of compliments on how beautiful it looks.”

– MaryAnn F, First Impression Ironworks Customer

Am I really any safer with an Iron Security screen door?

With 34% of burglars using the front door to access homes, it’s not surprising that Popular Mechanics suggests burglar proofing your home includes beefing up your front door security. When it comes to adding safety to your home, there is nothing like the sight of an Iron Security door to deter burglars from attempting to get in. However, not all Security doors are built the same. At First Impression Ironworks, we fabricate all our products exclusively from 100-percent American-made steel, straying away from the aluminum models (that many of our competitors somehow continue to embrace) to create the safest security door.

“I would like to state if you are looking for an outer door that is classy, strong, and makes you feel safer, please let First Impression Ironworks be the company you choose. My parents chose them, and I just love their work. I was thinking that they could do the same for my house and they did. It looks amazing and is just an amazing door. From beginning to end they are just great customer service oriented. Thank you, guys, for taking wonderful care of me.”

– Laurence F., First Impression Ironworks Customer

Do security doors increase or decrease my property value?

Adding an Iron Security Door immediately increases your home’s value making your investment well worth it. Taking the steps needed to fully protect your home saves you money in the long run. As of 2022 adding an iron door to your home increases your return on investment (ROI) up to 65%, as well as protecting the valuables within your home! Families obviously feel like a more secure home is the safer and best choice, so if you’re considering selling your property, expect to receive a higher price by providing extra security for your home.

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At the end of the day, iron security doors add beauty, security and increase your property value. To further discuss the benefits of installing a custom-made iron security door, give us a call at 602-345-7481 or stop by one of our Arizona locations.